Get a Unique and Stylish Look to Your Home with a Sisal Rug

Sisal rugs are made from the natural fibres derived from one variety of agave plant. These rugs are gaining popularity as environment-friendly rugs capable of rendering an exotic texture to your room. Not only do these rugs enhance the aesthetics of a space, but these also protect the wood and carpet flooring present in entryways or hallways.

In general, while buying a rug, our choice is primarily based on the function we require it to serve. With that said, you need to have sisal rug for your home while taking into account various aspects.

Colour of the rug: When you are looking for a rug that stands out to provide a unique look, then go for a colour that contrasts the floor. You may also opt for patterned designs. If you want to blend the rug with the rest of the decor in the room, choose the rug colour that has a colour similar to the floor.

Also, think of the ambience you want to get in a room. If you are choosing the sisal rugs for a room with a lot of traffic and excitement, you can go for lighter colours. While if you want to make space intimate and cosy, prefer darker shades in your rug.

Some rugs are also available in combinations of different colours and have border colours for enhancing their appeal.

Right Size: An appropriate sizing is imperative for the rug to serve its desired function and add to the decor of the room. While selecting area rugs for covering the hardwood floor or tile in your dining area, it is worthwhile to purchase sisal carpet with adequate dimensions for accommodating the dining table as well as the scooting chairs.

You should preferably look for square or round sisal mats having a size that fits in the area. But for buying sisal rug for your living room, you need to visualise how the rug would look in the given space. It is the best to maintain an area of 18 inches on each side of the rug. If the room is smaller, leave 8 inches on every side. However, these are not hard and fast rules; a 2 inches error has to be kept for the margin for determining the right rug size.

Unique texture: As sisal is a natural material, it provides for a unique, stylish and laid back look in your living room. If you blend the rug with other fibres, it lends a highly comfortable feel in the area, which may seem perfect for various areas of a room. One of the things to note is that sisal fibre when blended with wool increases the softness of rugs and these can feel truly good to your feet.

Where you would place the rugs?

Sisal fibres render the rugs made from the material highly durable. Thus, these are a good option for highly trafficked areas of the home. However, as sisal is prone to stains, it may not be the ideal choice for the children’s playroom.

Placing the sisal floor rugs on top of each other renders a retro look. Overall, the Floorspace sisal rugs can give rustic look when used diligently.



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