What Steps You Need to Follow for Moving from the USA to Ontario

Have you got a very attractive job offer at Ontario in Canada? Or you want to improve your French language skills? You may have good reasons for moving to Canada permanently, so you will need to follow a few steps. In this article, we shall discuss these details so that you may know how to make your move hassle-free.

Before you decide to move to Canada, you need to apply for immigration to that country. You need to check whether you are eligible for that and then put up your application for a visa. Acceptance of your application may take a few months and, therefore, you need to send your application well in advance so that your visa is ready by the time you are planning a move from the USA to Ontario. Also, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary documents for crossing the Canada border.

Here are a few typical ways to cross the Canada border:

Moving By Car

In case you are driving your car to cross Canada border from the USA, then no passport is needed however you must have some proof of US citizenship. So, carrying Passport or any other documents to prove your US citizenship is good enough.

Moving By Plane

If moving from the USA to Ontario by plane, you need to carry your passport. Some airlines may demand a few other documents too, and therefore you must inquire about the same before the departure.

Moving By Boat

Passport is not needed for moving to Canada by boat. However, you need to prove that you are a US citizen.

For US citizens, it is not absolutely mandatory to carry a passport for crossing Canada border. However, there is no harm to carry one as for many other purposes; you may need to prove your identity. Carry your passport especially if you are planning to stay in Canada for a longer period of time. In case you do not have a passport, it is better to apply for one before you decide to move to Canada.

Moving Your Belongings to Canada

You need to plan well before making a long-distance move. Since you are crossing an international border, you need plenty of documents. There are numbers of international movers Canada available who have all the facilities to make your relocation stress-free. They will provide you with following services.

  • Loading and unloading of your belongings from your US location to Ontario residence. They will also take care of customs clearance while crossing the international border of Canada.
  • These movers will take care of your goods at Canadian customs office as it may take some time to get clearance from the authorities.
  • Once the customs clearance has finished, your movers will make sure that your goods are transported to your new address at Ontario and unloaded there.

Therefore, you need to provide the list of your goods that you are transporting to your Northern Ontario movers, as they will submit that to the Canadian customs authorities. The items inventory must be very clearly mentioned. You must be aware that certain movers will not carry your cars and motorcycles, as they are not allowed in any trailer or container.

Entering Canada with Your Children

When moving to Ontario with your family, you need to know about the documentation requirements for your kids. In whatever mode of transport you might be using, you have to carry necessary documents. Following are the documentation requirements needed for your children to move to Canada.

  • Passport or birth certificate for your children if you are entering via land or sea route. However, if you are moving by air then you need passports for them.
  • If your children are moving alone, then they need to carry their birth certificate or passport along with an authorization letter signed by both parents or a legal guardian.
  • If one of the parents is accompanying the child then the child must have his birth certificate/passport and a letter of authorization signed by the other parent who is not traveling with them.
  • If the minor is traveling with the legal guardian, then the guardian should carry necessary papers for guardianship and the adoptive parents also must have necessary papers regarding adoption.
  • If the minor is traveling with someone who is neither parent nor guardian then they must have a permission from parents/guardian in writing to take care of the child.

Canadian authorities will refuse to give entry to any child if necessary papers are missing. Therefore, you must visit the website of Canada Government to double check about necessary documentation for children.

Entering Canada with Your Pets

If you are planning to take your pets from the USA then there are several requirements from Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for allowing pets to enter. They may refuse the entry in case they are not satisfied.

For Cats

Requirements for cats may vary with their age and rabies status. In case the cat is a domestic one, then it needs not be quarantined and also no health certificate is needed for them. You must check with airlines about the documentation requirements if you are traveling by air.

For Dogs

If you are entering with your dogs then you need to have complete records of his rabies vaccinations. The authorities will also ensure that the animal you are carrying matches all the details in the certificate. If there is need of CFIA inspection then you need to pay a necessary fee for that.

For carrying any other animal to Canada, you may refer to Canada Government’s website for all necessary information.

Your Medicines

If you are taking any specific medicines in the USA then there is a possibility that they are not available in Canada. Therefore, before you move to Canada, you should talk to your doctor to know about its generic name so that you may get the right medication.



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