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Improve the Appeal of Your Exteriors with These Great Tips

Most of us spend a lot of time looking after our homes. We all enjoy a spot of interior design, even if we’re not keen on wielding the paintbrush ourselves! It’s important to make the homes we live in look good. Tired and dated decor does little to improve the value of our houses. Instead, style and design are used to ensure the property looks good and is desirable. Best of all, it creates a nice place to live!

While we may all be spending a lot of time indoors painting and furnishing our homes, it can be easy to neglect the outside. Lots of us have quite a lot of space outside. These areas should be nurtured and cared for so they look as good as they can. They also need to be functional. You might use them for your vehicle, or as a play area for the kids. The more uses you have, the more desirable it will be. So how can you make sure it looks good all year round?

Start with the windows. If you don’t like to clean them yourself, why not hire a contractor to take care of the job every six weeks? The glass, sills and surrounds should be kept clean to look attractive, and to provide you with the best view looking out. Upstairs windows are very hard to reach. You can try a pole extender, or a good quality ladder to get up to them. Hanging out of the window to clean them is not advised.

Windows can be framed on the outside just like drapes frame them inside. You can try some shutters. This widens the eyes of your home, and can look very attractive. White is the most popular choice of color, but you can pick any color you like. It’s often best to match the color of window frames and sills.

The front door is another area that can look tired and drab in just a few seasons. Give your door a fresh coat of paint to bring it back to life. It’s also important it is still weather proof so no water or cold drafts can get in. The area around the door should be well lit. This isn’t just practical for finding the keyhole late at night. Warm lights are also welcoming for any guests and visitors that approach the house.

Your perimeter may be fenced or railed. But keeping these looking fresh can be a tough job to do. Both can look very elegant when they are freshly painted. Keep planting and shrubs away from them to reduce the risk of weathering this way. A soft brush from a dustpan set can sweep away debris and cobwebs to keep the panels looking pristine. Be sure they are secure and complete. Strong winds can cause a lot of damage, and homeowners can be liable for injuries that occur when fences, walls and railings are not maintained.

Your garage is another part of the house that can often be seen from the kerb. They can look unsightly when the doors are dirty or dented. There is a full range of contemporary choices at Lakes Garage Doors that could inspire you for a new look. Motorized garage doors are very popular for car owners that use their garages regularly.

The driveway often becomes stained or worn when cars are parked there for long periods of time. You can use a pressure washer to bring the finish back up to a shine. It’s important to keep the paths and driveway surfaces clean, especially if your area is prone to icy weather. You may choose to repave your paths, or resurface your drive this year. Look for builders that can offer you stylish solutions to maximize the aesthetic appeal.

A top quality garden will increase the value of your home. Many gardens are sadly left to become overgrown. Others are paved or gravelled to make them maintenance-free. This is rarely attractive, and can be very undesirable. If you’re not a keen gardener, why not hire someone to take on the project? It needn’t be expensive. Some landscapers will offer you a discount if you’re willing to have photos taken for their promotional material.

Most good gardens have a paved patio or a decking area for seating and dining. There may be floral planting and a small lawn area. Family houses should have a designated play area that is safe and fun for the children. Be careful if you’re planting trees. Larger species can grow root systems that will penetrate the foundations of your home. Instead, choose small trees, or keep them in large containers to discourage them from full growth.

If you have a large home, you may be thinking about installing a swimming pool. These can be attractive to prospective buyers in the future, but they can be hard work to maintain. They can also be dangerous for your pets and children. Instead, why not build a summer house or gym in the garden? Extra rooms are highly desirable, even when they are situated separately from the house. Whatever you decide, make sure it is practical and versatile.

The garden area is ideal for entertaining. Gazebos and arbours provide comfortable seating areas for you to relax in the garden, or share with friends. They are great for providing extra spaces in your home for you to enjoy. Natural materials like wood are very popular. Choose wood decking and wooden garden furniture to help your garden achieve a natural look.

Lighting is important so you can enjoy the garden into the evening. Most garden lights are solar powered so they cost nothing to run. Best of all, they come on as the natural light fades. Choose lights that illuminate your dining and seating areas. Other lights can highlight your planting, paths and steps.

It’s important to maintain the exterior of your property as well as keeping it clean. There are also lots of improvements to the external decor you could use to maximize the aesthetic appeal of your property. Enjoy your home, inside and out.

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