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Deterring Pests: Tips and Tricks

There’s nothing worse than having your home invaded by pests. There are a few common pests that might attack your home; mice, slugs, and even bugs. So, how can you deter them and stop them from getting in your house? Use these tips and tricks to help you:

Add Coffee Grounds to Your Garden

Most people love coffee, but here’s a little secret you may not have been aware of: bugs and insects don’t! Most pets absolutely hate coffee grounds and will do what they can to stay away from them. By lining the soil in your garden with coffee grounds, you’ll deter all pests effectively. Not only that, they can help to enrich your soil which will help your plants and flowers to grow. It’s a win-win situation! If you don’t keep coffee in the house, head over to your local Starbucks. A little birdie told me that they save them to give to people in situations like yours!

Line Things with Copper

Copper is another magical element that can keep pests away. If you keep getting snails and slugs in your plant pots, for example, line them with copper. You’ll find that they soon find somewhere else to go! Snails and slugs absolutely hate copper. It can help to keep other pests away too, so try it and see. Simply put it where the bugs are frequenting.

Insect Repellent

A nice simple one; insect repellent. There’s an insect repellent to suit all kinds of situations. There are even natural, organic insect repellents for people conscious of using chemicals. Don’t just buy one blindly – do a little research first and you should find the perfect one for your situation.

Use a Sprinkler

This is such a simple bug removal solution for most bugs, especially vermin like rats, mice, and other animals. Buying a sprinkle that has an in built motion sensor can be a life saver. As soon as something steps in its bath, it’ll be met with a fairly strong blast of water. This can stop the bigger pests from ever stepping foot in your garden again!

Speak with a Professional

If you’re at the end of your tether with your pest ridden garden, it’s time to speak to a professional. A
high-tech pest control expert could help you to rid your garden of pests once and for all.

Keep Your Garden Neat and Tidy

Finally, the best way to deter pests and keep them at bay is keeping your garden neat and tidy. Keep your grass nice and short, and get rid of any weeds. Get rid of old toys, mulch, and other places pests and bugs might like to spend time.

If you’re consistent with the above tips and tricks, you should find that all pests evacuate your garden and come nowhere near your home. You definitely don’t want your home to be invaded by pests when you least expect it, so take some precautions in advance to keep them at bay. Do you have any tips of your own? Leave a comment!

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