Why You Should Build That Extra Bathroom and How to Do It

When you own your home, it’s always good fun to come up with project ideas for home improvements. It doesn’t matter what house you buy because you will always want to tweak it to make it your perfect home. It’s important to regularly update your home to keep its market value high. For most people, adding modern touches can improve lifestyle as well as making the home more comfortable.

If you are looking for a great project idea this year, consider installing an en-suite to your master bedroom. Many modern homes include an en-suite bathroom these days. If your property is a little older, adding an extra bathroom could make quite a lot of difference to the value of your home. It will also be more attractive to potential buyers if you wanted to sell it in the future.

If you are extending your property, your architect can help you fit in an extra bathroom. Without an extension, you may struggle to find the space, but it is still possible to create another bathroom. Think about converting some closet space, or reshaping the room to incorporate the bathroom. For most homes, a wet room is adequate. This requires less space than a full bathroom suite. Glass shower enclosures help the room stay open without everything getting wet.

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Some areas require local government planning regulations. Check with your local office if they need inspection certificates for your planned renovation. You may need an architect to design the space for you. Sometimes you can find a firm that will project manage everything on your behalf. This is often the easiest solution but not necessarily the cheapest. A wet room usually requires a new sloping floor to be installed and tiled. The walls are often fully tiled too. If you can create a window opening, this will help ensure the room is well ventilated. Otherwise, choose a good extractor fan to avoid damp and mold building up.

There are several smaller size basins and toilets to choose from this season. En-suite bathroom facilities are very convenient. However, they lose functionality if you can’t undress without bumping into something. Storage solutions are essential in a small space. Think about hanging shower caddies for your shampoo and shower gel. A wall mounted soap dispenser reduces the need for a large basin surface. A cupboard above the toilet cistern can store toilet paper and towels. Use a towel radiator to hang wet towels and a clothes hanger on the back of the door.

Decorating a small wet room is quite tricky. You may not have natural light in there, so try to keep colors light and bright. Your choice of tile will make quite a lot of difference to the feel of the room. You may want to match the floor with the wall tiles, or use the same ones. Choose some vivid pattern tiles to create a break between them if it feels too bland. Shades of green with a gloss effect can be very effective here. Be brave and choose a frosted glass door into the wet room. This allows more natural light in. Finally, pick some quick drying towels to avoid any mustiness from damp. Enjoy your fabulous new bathroom!



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