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Simple Planning Tips for Garden Seating Areas

Want to add some wow factor to your patio or garden? Furniture can do just the job. It also allows you to put your feet up, relax in the sun, and enjoy your garden in the best way possible. But there are a few things you need to think about before splashing out on a patio full of new gear. Answer these questions to make sure you buy the right garden furniture.

Where Will You Put Them?

The nicest garden furniture in the world can still look wrong if you can’t fit them into your garden properly. Make sure you take measurements of the area where they are going to ensure they will fit. Consider the shape, too. If you have an unused corner, for example, then a simple rattan cube set will fit in nicely, and free up space in the centre of your patio or garden.

Also think about the positioning. Do you want your outdoor chairs to overlook your garden or are you using them for more social occasions? Do you want to move them around every now and again, or will they be in a fixed position? Everything needs to be thought about and planned, or you could end up making your garden look cluttered.

How Much Will They Cost?

The better quality furniture you buy, the more it will cost you. But if you are prepared to look after them properly, it is an investment. Although you can pick up pieces made from cheaper materials, the likelihood is that you will have to replace them at some point soon in the future. Hardier, stronger pieces could last decades.

Think about how much you can honestly spend and plan your budget accordingly. If you are short on cash for the moment, then buying cheaper materials can keep you going for a while. But if you can afford to, then it is worth investing in better quality.

Where Will You Store Them?

When the weather takes a turn for the worst, your patio furniture will need to be looked after. You can add years to the life of your pieces if you have somewhere to put them during those late autumn/winter times.

If you have room in your basement, then use it. Otherwise, think about adding the cost of a shed large enough to keep your furniture safe from the snow, rain, and bitter temperatures. If your budget is tight, then even plastic sheets could work: just ensure they are wrapped well enough and covered.

Do They Need TLC?

Anything made from metal, hardwood, and weatherproof wicker should hold their own in all but the bleakest of Midwinters and scorching of summer days. But all furniture will eventually succumb to the elements. If you don’t have the space to store your pieces, then choose easy-care furniture.

It is wise to look for quality pieces if you want them to last. Garden furniture made from plastics and cheaper woods might look great in the store. But after a couple of rough seasons they will start to lose their colours and get very brittle. This isn’t going to look good if you want to keep your garden looking fresh and modern!

OK, that’s a wrap from us. Answering these key questions will give you some great ideas on how to buy and plan your perfect garden seating area. Anything to add? Let us know by replying in the comments section below!

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