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Make All Your Rooms Look Luxurious with These Opulent Accents

Do you want to inject some luxury into your rooms? When it comes to sumptuous interiors, the emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity. So, with a few luxury accessories here and there, you can achieve the opulent look without having to spend every last penny. Below we will present you with a number of luxury home accessory ideas for all your rooms.


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In your bedroom, the luxury elements should not only be pleasing to the eye, but they should also be comfortable to the touch. Your bedding is the perfect place to invest in some quality items. Beautiful cotton bed linen will not only give you a very comfortable sleep every night, but it will also make your room look like a million bucks. Quilted, faux fur and silk bedspreads will also transform your bedroom, as will plush decorative pillows in suede and satin. There are many more luxurious accents you may also wish to consider for your bedroom:

– A gold-framed mirror;

– A chandelier style light fitting;

– A statement headboard.


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Interior designers are increasingly using decorative touches to encourage us to use our bathrooms as a place to pamper ourselves and relax. So, with the help of some luxury homeware you can make your bathroom both practical and plush. Some opulent ideas for your bathroom include:

– Elegant antique style door handles for cabinets, drawers and doors;

– Flowers, scented candles and ornaments presented on shelves;

– Clean and soft face, hand and bath towels;

– A large, delicately framed mirror that will not only look simple and elegant but it will also help to enlarge the space.


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The kitchen is largely functional, but it is also the heart of the home and the area where you entertain family and friends. Therefore, it should be presented beautifully. A few luxury accessories can go a long way in your kitchen. For example:

– Elegant and eye-catching light fittings that hang above dining tables or kitchen islands;

– Beautiful crockery and glassware presented on shelves or glass-fronted cabinets;

– Decorative glass or wooden bowls for the centre of tables that hold fresh fruit, plants or ornamental objects;

– Quality dish cloths and napkins.

Living Room

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Like your bedroom, the luxury elements in your living space should look gorgeous, and feel it too! Adorn your sofa and armchairs in soft, luxurious throws and cushions. These will instantly upgrade your seating and add value to the whole room. If you want to take things a step further, you may wish to consider these luxury accessory ideas:

Soft and elegant rugs that will give warmth and glamour to your room;

– Interesting mirrors with elaborate silver or gold frames. These items look especially impressive when hung above a mantelpiece;

– Artistic photos and beautiful paintings;

– Beautiful, statement floor and table lamps;

– Elegant ornaments such as candelabras, decanters, vases and boxes.

Making your interiors luxurious doesn’t require you to start from scratch. By investing in just one or two quality items for each room, you can make each and every space look lavish.



Shane is a professional interior designer. Here he share his experience and also discussion.

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