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7 Ways to Transform your Bedroom

Are you bored of the way your bedroom looks lately? Do you feel it needs a bit of a makeover? Well, let me help you! We all need to re-decorate from time to time to keep things fresh and current. Here are my top 7 suggestions on transforming your bedroom into somewhere you enjoy spending time again:

Use Wall Decals

Wall decals can look professional if you apply them properly. They don’t look like you’ve just slapped a sticker on the wall – trust me! You can find them for a reasonable price, and they’ll look painted on. It’s a nice way to add a new feature to a room without spending too much.

Select a New Colour Scheme

Are you bored of your colour scheme? Sometimes all you need is a lick of paint to make things look a bit brighter. Consider adding a pop of colour or changing your scheme altogether. Paint doesn’t cost much and you should be able to get the whole room done in a day or two. I don’t recommend using more than 3 colours as it can begin to look too busy. However, different things work for different people.

Come Up with a Theme

If you like, you can even come up with a theme for your bedroom. It can be based on anything you want; your favourite film, your favourite place, etc. You want the room to be a place you feel that you can relax.

Get a New Bed

A new bed can make or break the bedroom. The headboard can be a real focal point in the room. The bed doesn’t need a headboard though; it can still make a difference if you choose the right one. Click here to see what I mean. Remember to put lots of thought into it as this is a big decision!


You’ve probably got a load of stuff in your bedroom that you don’t even need or want. You can transform it by performing a simple de-clutter mission. Be vigilant and get rid of things that you never use or pay attention to. You might even be able to sell them and get some money!

Add Textures and Contrast

All rooms need texture and contrast, regardless of the look you’re going for. Choose a couple of different textures to add interest and contrast things in there if you dare. Using the same materials can create too much repetition around a room.

Replace Your Hardware

Replacing your hardware might seem like a pointless task, but it can actually make a big difference. You can replace the hardware on your furniture, doors, and even your lights. It can make your room look more glamorous, chic, classy – it can create just the effect you’re going for.

If you use the above 7 ways to transform your bedroom, I guarantee you’ll like what you see. It won’t cost too much money or take too much effort. Try it and you’ll see!

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Shane is a professional interior designer. Here he share his experience and also discussion.

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