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New Year, New Home: It’s Time to Focus on the Kitchen

New Year’s resolutions are dull. But, if you want to make sure that you are setting resolutions that are going to complete, start thinking about interior design. In the New Year, many of us are keen to make some changes within the home. The new year is a new lease of life. With the hottest trends in 2015 being released already, many people are finding that their creative juices are flowing.

What are your home project plans for the New Year? Are you keen to daub the walls and have a fresh take on your home? Or, do you want to start on a long-neglected room that needs some love?

Kitchens are the most under decorated space within the home. But, they are the hub of the home and essentially, are the most used space within your house. You need to give your kitchen some love in the New Year. Here is how.

Remodel versus Decorating

For many, they are keen to remodel their kitchen in its entirety. But, it can be expensive to do so. If your funds simply don’t stretch that far, you need to make sure that you are decorating instead. After all, the New Year presents its financial challenges. Remodelling is an excellent way to uplift your kitchen if you haven’t given it a makeover. High gloss surfaces look nothing short of fabulous. But, they can be expensive. Think about what your kitchen needs. A simple coat of paint could freshen up the space and make it come alive. You don’t have to stick to your current paint colour either. You can approach your kitchen with a fresh new look. Add accessories to compliment your new colour scheme. Pick up a range of appliances from Cameo Kitchens to ensure that your new theme is complete. The main thing is to think about your budget and whether your kitchen would benefit from a complete overhaul.


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New Year, New Floor

Flooring matters. It’s that simple. Tiles, wood, oak or linoleum can all change the entire appearance of your kitchen. As the kitchen is the most used space within his house, the floor may need some TLC. Think about the impact and wear and tear of high foot traffic and make sure that you get a floor that fits the needs of your home. Tiles are durable, but can feel cold. If you have a family, this may not be the best flooring solution for you. But, wood look can amazing. This is prone to scratching, so do be aware of this if you use your kitchen regularly for more than just cooking. Linoleum is hard-wearing and easy to maintain. So, do think about your kitchen and its use before you invest in new flooring.

Simple Revamping: Focusing on Cupboard Space

Take a look at your cupboards. Do they really need ripping out and remodelling? Would your kitchen benefit from a simple revamp? Adding new cupboard doors and handles is one of the most efficient ways to up-style your kitchen. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a fortune on this simple uplift either.



Shane is a professional interior designer. Here he share his experience and also discussion.

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