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Top Tips to Keep Your Glass Doors in Shape

We all know glass has a unique quality and look to it. Because of this, it’s a very appealing material to use. Glass also has a wide variety of other additional applications. Why do we like it so much? It not only looks good, but also requires hardly any maintenance. Glass doors in particular look fantastic, but only if you keep them that way. Below are some tips to follow to keep your glass doors looking spick and span.

Despite its relatively easy upkeep, you should still try and clean glass doors every now and then. Blemishes such as stains and streaks are difficult to remove if left over time and cleaning glass takes little effort. All you really need is a bucket of water, a mop, a rubber squeegee and an old towel or cotton t-shirt. Oh and of course, a cleaning agent. It’s good to start by getting rid of any hard-on dirt. Soak your mop and spray it with the cleaning agent (or vinegar if you don’t have any). Scrub the glass thoroughly, making sure to get in all of the corners. Next, take the squeegee and run it from the top to the bottom, using the cloth to reach the corners again. Do this on both sides and your glass door should be sparkling.


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Although cleaning glass is a piece of cake, repairing glass is a completely different ball game. We don’t recommended trying to do it yourself! This may seem like a problem that may not occur very often, but you’d be surprised. Many owners of glass doors will have to deal with this at some point. When looking to repair a glass door, it should be left to the professionals. Expert glass repair and replacement services exist all over the country. Obviously they come at a price – if it’s something you cannot afford straight away, the best thing to do is cover the breakage with masking tape. If you do not, it could smash entirely, leaving lots of shards of glass all over your floor.

When you do get round to ordering reparations, make sure to get a couple of quotes first. If you know someone who has had this problem in the past, talk to them and get an idea of the most reputable servicemen. Going by quote alone can be a bad idea – the price may sound right, but there could be a reason for that! Certain glass installations such as lead light windows and doors will require people capable of handling those types of items. Enlisting someone without the required expertise can lead to a hack job. Experts such as those at Sliding Glass Door Repair West Palm Beach can make sure you have a wonderful glass door installed every time.


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The glass itself is not the only problem. Broken hinges, locks and brackets can be another dilemma as well. You may even get gaps developing in your window frame, which can lead to water seeping in and entering the room. Again, the first port of call should be professional help. Experts can assess the cause of the leakage and take action to remedy this.

Having perfectly fitted glass doors will most definitely enhance the look of your home, and keeping them in great condition is really what they deserve! Paying a bit of attention to them will ensure a long life within your house.



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