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Modernizing Your Garden: A Guide for the Rest of Us

One of the most prized areas of any proud homeowner’s property is their gardens. When the weather is sunny, many of us enjoy spending time in our gardens and enjoying the sunshine. And if you work from home, working from the garden on a sunny day is one way of “living the dream”!

But because many of us lead such busy lives, our gardens can often go down the priority list of things to maintain in our homes. As a result, our once-prized gardens soon become overrun with weed and unmaintained plants.

Does your garden have an unkempt appearance at the moment? Do not worry, because help is at hand! Today’s blog post will give you some handy pointers for modernizing your garden! It will help you to transform it into something to be proud of once again. And it will be a great talking point when you host any dinner parties outdoors!

Overrun with Weeds? Start from Scratch!

All too often, weed can take over once-attractive lawns. Some people might suggest, for some bizarre reason, that mowing the lawn often will prevent weeds from growing. But we all know that’s just a load of baloney!


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When you have more weeds than grass on your lawn, it’s time to start again. Remove the top layer of soil, put some fresh soil down and then sprinkle some grass seeds on top of it. Be sure to choose the correct time of year to do this, as grass will only grow fast in favorable weather.

Be Creative with Flower Beds

One idea for your garden is to make some creative “feature” flower beds. For example, raised flower beds using old railway sleepers offer a modern and attractive look.

They will also help to separate the main lawn sections from the areas where you want to grow stuff.

Consider Building a Lean-to

Do you not have enough cash to spend on getting a conservatory or extension built? If that’s the case, one idea is to build a simple structure called a lean-to. They are so-called because the rafters “lean” against the house.

They make perfect shelters from the elements. And they are great to sit in when the sun is too strong, but you don’t want to stay indoors.

Create Decorative Borders

If you prefer not to have flower beds in part or all of your home’s garden borders, you can create some decorative borders instead! For example, wood chippings give any garden a modern and fresh look.

For those of you with old trees you want to fell, you can make your own wood chippings. To do this, you will need to buy a wood chipping machine or “shredder” from some place like

Of course, you can always buy bags of wood chippings if you so choose. But the DIY method is great for recycling unwanted items from your garden and saving on cost.

Well, I hope today’s tips have given you plenty of ideas and inspiration for your garden. Good luck!


Guy Robert Hayenga

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