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How to Prepare Your Living Space for Your Family This Christmas

Christmas is a time to see your loved ones and share some magical family moments. If your household is hosting the celebrations this year, you need to prepare your home for the festivities. There will likely be a range of people coming to your home. Everybody from your great grandma to your cousin’s new baby will be there. You need to make sure that you create the right environment for every guest. Here is a quick guide that will help you prepare your living space for Christmas.

Step 1: Clean up your living area

You’re not going to like the first step, but you have to do it. When you have guests coming over, you need to make sure that you clean up your living area. It might be best to move some furniture out of the room so that there is some space. Move your bookcase into another room so that you have loads more space. You will need to get some extra seating, and so moving some furniture is a must.

Step 2: Choose the ideal Christmas tree

Choosing the right Christmas tree is a struggle for every family during the holidays. People tend to think that they need to impress people with the sheer size of their Christmas tree. In fact, you should consider getting a smaller, understated tree, rather than a massive one. When you have a huge tree, it dominates the room. A small, well-decorated tree makes your room look classy.

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Step 3: Hang extra decorations in your room

Rather than putting decorations everywhere, like some families do, you should hang your decorations. That way, you are not cluttering up the room, yet it still looks festive. Get some banners and bunting to hang from your ceiling. When you are decorating your room, choose decorations that have the same color theme. Having too many clashing colors looks trashy.

Step 4: Sort out extra seating for your family

If you have loads of family members attending, you need to make sure that everybody has a seat. After dinner, people will want to retire to your living area to exchange gifts. You should make sure that everybody has somewhere to sit. Weigh up the pros and cons of the LoveSac vs ComfySack so that you get the right seats for your family. Get some light seating, such as bean bags, so that everybody can be comfortable.

Step 5: Get a Christmas welcome mat and a wreath

When people come to your door this Christmas, the festivities should start right away. Don’t neglect your doorway. Get a cool, festive mat so that people get a taste of Christmas when they walk up to your home. You could also get a wreath to hang on the front of your door. It is these small touches that people remember.

Step 6: Go easy on the festive lighting

Most people associate Christmas with festive lighting. Fairy lights can look classy so long as you don’t use too many of them. Covering every inch of your home in fairy lights and novelty ornaments won’t make your home look festive; it will make it look messy. Make sure that you use just a few lights. Put some on the tree and maybe some across your window ledges. Anything more than that is too much.

Step 7: Make sure everything is safe

When there are children around, you need to make sure that everything is safe. If your family are bringing babies to your home, you need to baby-proof it so that nobody hurts themselves. Make sure that all the lighting fixtures are safe and secure. You could also invest in a baby-guard for the fireplace.



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