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Modern Backyard Patio Design Ideas You Will Love

There is an incredible array of landscaping materials available to us thanks to the rise of national chains of DIY stores. It is one reason people seek to make their garden patio into another room rather than something that is separate from the main house.

Do-it-yourself is big business nowadays, and the garden is a place where amateurs can practice new skills without causing any harm to the property. So, if you want to take on a project of your own, here are some modern backyard patio ideas you will love.


The material with which you create your masterpiece is one of the most important decisions to make. When you visit a building material supplier or garden centre, look at all they have on offer and consider the method you must use to create a patio with the materials there. You put down most hard landscaping materials in a similar way to each other. Think about these options.

patio-designPC : Chun Kit To

  • Block Pavers
  • Concrete Flagstones
  • Natural Stone Slabs
  • Pebbles
  • Printed Concrete


Modern technology allows us to use equipment in the garden that was once considered too unsafe. Nowadays most products that are made in this country or imported have to pass stringent safety tests before they can go on sale. It is important that you understand that satefy is your prime concern. Remember that electricity and water don’t mix. Anything they you install in the garden should be protected by a residual current device (RCD) that you plug into the electrical outlet.

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Features to Include in the Design

Here are some fantastic features to install in your seating area.

  • Television. There are enclosures on the market, such as those from, that make it safe to watch TV in your garden on warm nights with a glass of wine in hand (optional). The enclosure is a feature for which the world has been waiting. So on a balmy evening, you will not have to go back into the house when your favourite program begins, just reach for the remote. My TV enclosure is on order!
  • Outdoor Bar. Alcohol plays a part in the relaxation techniques of many people, and an outdoor bar is the answer. You can build a permanent structure from timber or buy a portable unit. Remember to include a fridge either in the bar, or nearby. You must keep those drinks cool.
  • Foot Spa. Build a foot spa into the ground or decking. At the end of a long day, relax in a comfortable outdoor armchair, remove the cover from the spa, and dip your feet in the cool water. It could have a hot and cold water feeds and a drain hole. Use a pump to create bubbles and massage your feet. This idea will catch on, trust me.

I think that a patio with the above features will be a fantastic addition to every garden in the land. Now that people’s attitude towards their garden has changed, you are likely to see many more ideas such as these used by creative people. Does that include you?


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