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How to Dress Your Christmas Dinner Table

It’s only a mere matter of months until Father Christmas delivers his load. Sorry about that. It needed to be said. If you are in the midst of planning your Christmas celebrations, you are probably looking at ways to dress your dinner table. Many people choose to decorate their tables when they are having guests over for Christmas day dinner. After all, Christmas dinner is one of the most anticipated meals of the year. For many, they are eager to make the holidays special.

If you are stuck for inspiration on how to dress your Christmas dinner table, you need not look any further.

1. Centrepieces

Centrepieces are the mainstay of any Christmas table. You need to have an inspiring centrepiece within your table. After all, it’s Christmas. Many people choose to have poinsettia plants. This is because poinsettias incorporate the colours of the yuletide season. Others opt for candle centrepieces. Some create their stylish bauble affairs, complete with holly and mistletoe.


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You can purchase readymade centrepieces. Or, if you are feeling artistic, you can create your own. You can add even more pizzazz to the table by adding snowflakes, confetti and candles. You can utilise crackers as a way to make sure that your table looks pretty yet understated. Include place settings and setting holders. You can obtain these from a wide range of retailers. What is more, they are often seasonal too. Baubles and glass place settings look divine. Pinterest has some fabulous centrepiece ideas to whet your whistle.

2. Stick to a Theme

Sticking to a theme is important. This ensures that your centrepieces look organised. If you are opting for bright lights, stick to a brilliant idea. There are many seasonal themes that you can choose from.

  • Red and green
  • Gold and cream
  • Blue and silver

These colours are typical of the season. Some people prefer to stick to various neutral tones. Greys, whites and creams can look brilliant when they are put together. These should be soft, muted tones for maximum impact. Choose one that you prefer and adorn your table in these gorgeous colours.

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3. Opt for Quality Table Linen

You should have a good quality tablecloth and napkins adorning your table. Make sure that these are ironed to perfection. Invest in good quality silverware so that your guests feel that they are having a fine dining experience. You should endeavour to have pretty plates in your home. Opt for neutral tones. Napkin rings are essential. Adding charms or ribbons to champagne flutes can look exquisite. Hosting Christmas day dinner is a time to go to town. After all, it only comes round once a year. You should try to make it as unique as can be. Take a look here for more info.

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4. Festive Drinks

Festive drinks are brilliant decorations to any table. You can choose from spiced or mulled wine. You can serve champagne. What is more, you should keep this on the table. It’s just good etiquette. You can decorate your glasses with pretty ribbons and adornments for a truly festive feel.



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