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Designing The Ideal Home Gym: 4 Steps

We all need to keep healthy on a daily basis. Having a gym subscription is one way in which to exercise, though it is not as convenient as having a home gym. If you have a spare external or internal room within your home, don’t just use it as extra storage space. Instead, put the room to use and create a wonderful home gym where you and your family can exercise. Having a gym within your home means that you are more likely to spend time exercising in the evening. You will no longer need to take a trip to the gym, when it is right there in your home. Creating a home gym does not have to be super expensive. You can do the renovation yourself. Here is a quick guide to designing your ideal home gym.

Step 1: Preparing the Room

First you must choose a room in which you will create the gym. If you are lucky enough to have a spare room within your home then, you should consider using that as your gym. Many people also have external rooms or buildings that they fail to use. You should also consider using these rooms and buildings as the space for your gym. Once you have chosen your gym area; it is time to prepare it. You should clear out any clutter and map out the room. Good gyms have different exercise areas. You will need to dedicate an area to weights and an area to cardiovascular machines. Planning is the key to success.

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Step 2: Decoration and Mirrors

Decoration in your home gym should be minimal. You are going to be spending a lot of time in the room, and so you will need to feel comfortable in the environment. Try a pale color paint, such as pale blue or even beige, as these have a calming vibe to them. You should place mirrors around the room where you will be exercising. It is motivational to be able to see yourself when you exercise.

Step 3: Buying Gym Equipment

Gym equipment will be your largest expense when creating a home gym. Make sure that you set aside a good amount of cash to pay for your gym equipment. Remember, the equipment is an investment in you and your health, and so you will want to get the best equipment out there. Look for machines that suit your exercise style. There is no point buying an exercise bike if you’re more of a runner. You don’t have to have everything that a commercial gym has; you just have to buy the things that you need for your workout. Look at discount sales online to grab a bargain.

Step 4: Protecting your Gym

Your gym will have some valuable items in it. In fact, it is likely to be the most valuable room in the home. You should insure all your gym equipment the moment you buy it to make sure that it is safe. It is also worth investing in a security system for your gym. Talk to a local locksmiths about your options and see how you can best protect your gym. An expert will be able to tell you how to keep your home gym safe.

Step 5: Added Extras

These extras are optional but could make your gym more fun. Look into TVs and TV stands for your gym. You can multitask by watching your favourite shows whilst working out. Various studies have found that we exercise for longer when our brain is busy. By keeping yourself distracted when exercising, you can make sure that you have more stamina.



Shane is a professional interior designer. Here he share his experience and also discussion.

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