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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Storage in Your Home

Creating more storage in your home will do wonders for the aesthetics of your abode. Nobody likes to look at a cluttered mess of a house, and unwanted things lying about will make your home look untidy. Storage is one of the main thing interior designers struggles with when creating home décor projects. You don’t just have to stick to the usual cupboards and wardrobes, you can become quite creative with the way you use storage in your home. All you will need is an open-mind and a little imagination. Here is the ultimate guide to creating more storage in your home.

Use Your Bed as Extra Storage

No, we don’t mean just throw all your junk under your bed. We mean transforming your bed into a storage unit of its own. Ottoman beds are one of the most-popular styles of bed in the western world. The reason for this is that the bed design incorporates storage space into the unit. You don’t have to splash out on a new bed to do this though. You can create storage under the bed that you already have in your home.

If you have a normal bed, with a base and wooden panels going across the frame of the bed then you only have one storage option. You will need to make drawers fit under your bed. The drawers can be as simple as boxes, which you can pull from beneath your bed when you need to get to things. Make small handles and fit them on the outside of the box, so accessing the drawers will be easy from either side of the bed.

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Conceal Storage in the Walls

If your walls incorporate plasterboard or are quite modern, you may be able to knock them through to make extra storage space. You can conceal drawers and secret compartments within your walls. You should make sure that the walls don’t contain any electrical wires or pipes before you do knock through the wall. By using this extra space as storage space, you free up the rest of the room. If you are not confident in doing this kind of structural work, yourself then enlist the help of a builder to do it for you. Extra storage space of this nature can add value to your home. Adding extra storage to your home can mean that your home’s value changes, according to estate agents in Hilton and online experts. Depending on the style of storage, the change in value may not always be for the best. Talk things over with your estate agent before you sell up.

Use the Height of Your Rooms

If you have high ceilings then, storage should be no problem. Many people forget the storage that they already have in their home. You can create extra storage by fitting shelving, which goes all the way to the top of your ceiling. This look is modern and works best in contemporary style homes. You may need to invest in a ladder if you opt for this style of storage. You could even get a ladder, which sits on a track connected to your wall. Ladders of this style are typical of old-fashioned bookshops and libraries. Having a design feature such as this one in your house will look wonderful.

Consider Getting a Pegboard

A pegboard is the perfect way to get clutter off the ground and works well in garages. If you have a lot of sporting equipment, for example, a pegboard will allow you to hang up your things off the garage floor. Using solid wood pegs, you can make hangers all over the board and hang up helmets and tennis rackets. Ensure that you fix the board to a solid wall, so that it doesn’t buckle under the weight of the equipment.



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