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Paint the Outside of Your House to Sell Your Home

The exterior of your house is extremely important when you’re looking to sell. Many homeowners make the mistake of concentrating so much on their interior that they forget to pay attention to the outside. But the truth is that the outside of your house makes your home’s first impression on any potential buyers. If you’ve spent all your time and money making the bathroom and kitchen look good but have neglected the front door, buyers may start off with a negative first impression. And once they’ve begun to think negatively, it’s difficult to turn it around.

Repainting the outside of the house is something that homeowners might not think to do very often. But it can immediately refresh a home’s facade, making it look newer and cleaner. As well as painting the exterior walls, you can give window frames and doors a lick of paint too. You can even paint drainpipes and guttering. When you’re ready to sell, estate agents in Bembridge will be surprised by how much a simple paint job improves the sale ability of a house.

Choose a Colour

When you choose what colour to paint your house, think about what prospective buyers will look for. As much as having the only fuchsia house in the neighbourhood would make you a memorable person, it’s likely to be a big turn-off for buyers. Professional painters like F&B Painting Contracting are an excellent source of information for homeowners on subjects like color selection and paint selection. You may simply want to paint your house in its original colours, so it looks like it’s had a really good wash instead of a paint job. However, if you decide to choose different colours, think about the surrounding houses and structures. Make sure your house will still fit in with everything else, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Prepare Your Surface

To prepare your house for painting, it helps to wash the walls down first with a detergent. As it’s the outside of a house, you probably won’t be able to get it sparkling clean. But removing some of the dirt will help for when you’re ready to start painting. Scrape back any crumbling coatings until you get a hard edge. Treat any mosses, lichens or other growths with a special solution. If there are any small defects, you can fill them with a poly filler.


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Use a masonry paint to paint the exterior of your house. You might first need to use a thin coat to secure new surfaces. If the surface remains crumbly or chalky after painting you can seal it with a primer. To paint metal gutters, use a bitumen-based paint on the inside to protect them, and an undercoat and gloss on the outside. Plastic gutters aren’t usually painted, but if they have become discoloured you can clean them and paint with two layers of gloss. To paint window frames, it’s best to paint over the existing paint, rather than strip the wood.

When your house is painted it will look almost brand new again. Potential buyers will immediately be drawn to it when they arrive on your street.



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