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Incredible Creative Loft Conversion Ideas

Do you ever think that your loft isn’t realising its full potential? Is it just full of boxes and old junk you know you’ll never use again, but haven’t got around to getting rid of? Perhaps it’s time for you to have a clearout and finally do something with that big space that’s going to waste. There are so many things you can do with a loft, from turning it into a spare bedroom to setting up a home cinema. You could even have an entire annex, with an ensuite bathroom and kitchenette if you have the room.

Spare Bedroom

Converting your loft can add value to your house. According to estate agents in Bridport, expanding the livable space in your house can improve its chances of selling and increase the amount it will sell for. Pitching your loft as a spare bedroom will turn your house from a two bed two a three bed, or three bed to a four bed (and so on). A spare bedroom is also the simplest of loft conversions. Depending on the condition of your loft now, you might only need a lick of paint and new carpets. However, your loft might require a bit more work if it’s currently full of exposed insulation and wooden beams. Converting it into a bedroom does avoid having to put in any major plumbing though. And you hopefully already have electricity, at least for a light if not plug sockets.

spare-bedroomImage Credit: Joanna Appleby

Home Office

A loft can be the ideal place to set up your study or home office. In the quiet space above the house, you can hide away where no one will disturb you. Make your room light and bright with big windows. All that natural light will clear your mind and help you to work. You might want things to be quite plain, so you’re not distracted. Or perhaps you thrive in a creative environment and need a splash of colour and some toys to inspire you.

Dining Area

If you’ve got the space, a loft can make an interesting dining area to entertain your guests at a dinner party. This option is best when you have plenty of room and the ceilings aren’t too low, so you can fit in enough people to go around the table. You could also add a kitchen so you can cook upstairs too. However, you could just use the area for drinks and appetizers, rather than sit-down meals. A home bar would be great too.

Den or Living Room

Lofts make lovely cosy dens or living rooms – or comfortable and spacious ones if you have a large enough loft. You can tuck yourself away in the alcoves and fill the area with beanbags, squishy sofas and comfy armchairs. Alcoves are also excellent for holding bookshelves or storage for CDs and DVDs, so you can have all your entertainment upstairs. If you’re happy using your main living room as a family space, you could give the loft to the kids.



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