Bathroom Renovation Ideas for a Small Apartment

Even the smallest apartment can be made to look chic or cosy depending on your taste, but it is the bathrooms that let them down. They are often dark places that are without windows and that in itself make them feel small and oppressive.

You can do something about it when the time comes for a revamp. It won’t be cheap, but the result will be worth the cost and effort. If you can’t bear to use the room anymore, you have come to the right place for advice. Here are my bathroom renovation ideas for a small apartment.

The Decoration

If the tiles in the room are a dull and dated, remove them. Taking them off the walls and floor with a hammer and cold chisel is not a pleasant job, but you must do it before you can proceed with the renovation.

Use large tiles to cover the walls and floor when the new suite is in place and connected. It is best that they have no pattern other than perhaps a marble or stone effect. They must be a light shade, to brighten the room and encourage a feeling of spaciousness.

bathroom-decorImage Credit: PseudoDude

A New Suite

We fall into two camps; those who take a bath and those who prefer to shower. Take a look at Bathshop321 Shower Baths, or many others online, which serve both purposes. They have a flatter bottom than a standard bath and are wider at one end, which is perfect for showering. With these products, you can do away with the shower cubicle and free up some much-needed space in your bathroom.

The Plumbing

It is vital that you conceal the water and waste pipes. The bathroom must look clutter free. The pipes can go under floorboards if possible, or behind boxing. You might even make the room seem bigger by building a false wall to hide all of the pipes and cables. The wall only needs a gap of about two inches behind it.


Correct lighting is a vital part of the design, especially where there is no window in the room. You can use LEDs almost anywhere; the range of fittings is extensive. Fit LEDs in the bath panel and the bottom of the vanity unit; there are some excellent solutions for every situation.


Mirrors are the best tool for making a room feels enormous. If you can afford it, cover most of one wall with a huge mirror. You will need to order it from you local glazier, but it will be worth the time and effort. Don’t use mirror tiles if you want a high-quality installation; they scream DIY!


There is no need for extra storage in your bathroom when you have a vanity unit. Keep your grooming products there, out of sight. Anything else will just be in the way, so keep the floor clear and store things elsewhere.

I think the theme here is to keep it simple and elegant. If you go for a theme, it will not work. Any unnecessary decoration or furnishings will have the opposite effect to that which you are trying to achieve. I hope you found this useful and that you can now transform your dull room and give it a new lease of life. You can thank me later. Adios my friends!



Shane is a professional interior designer. Here he share his experience and also discussion.

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