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Unique Themes and Decorations for New Year Party At Home

New Year is the last chance to get together in the holiday season. It is the time to get all of your friends and loved ones to share the memories of their last year. The New Year party at your home demands a splendid decoration from you. First of all what you need to do is

Clean up your Home:

Clean your home for a wonderful party. Clear all the clutter from living, and dining rooms. Shine the floors with liquid cleaners. Do the dusting and remove the dust from windows and all furniture.

Add some Decoration Pieces:

Place some stylish decoration pieces such as wall decals and table confetti in the area where the party has to be celebrated. Place a crystal centerpiece at the dining table and decorate the walls with paper flowers hanging from ceiling to floor.

Bring the Bubbly:

The New Year party will be devoid of any excitement without the champagne. You can add more fun to the taste of champagne by pouring it in fancy glasses and spice up your glass with strawberries and oranges. Bring some fancy sets of six glasses and entertain your guests on New Year.


Select Unique Party Themes:

After cleaning and adding decorations go for some unique party themes. There is variety of party themes which you can use to embellish the New Year party at your home. Here are the few.

1. High-Tech Design

We all know that the technology will improve and flourish in the coming year. Try to give a high tech look to your party by decorating with poster size photos and props. Place the computers and laptops in one corner showing the evolution of technology. Place balloons and flowers around them. Brighten up your space by using LED rope lights below the ceiling. Create a wonderful ambiance by hanging the blank CD’S with ribbons. They will reflect light which will further brighten up the area.

2. Masquerade Theme Decorations

New Year is the perfect time to host a masquerade. Dress up your home in masquerade style. Hang the Venetian masks on the walls f hallway to greet your guests. Give strength to Venetian masks by using splashes of jewel ruby, amethyst and emerald on wall paints, drapes fabric, decorative pillows and table napkins. These colors are mostly present in Venetian masks. Hang a full size mirror above the fire place to make your area look spacious.

3. The Clock Theme

This theme allows you to get all the clocks in your home, old and new ones. Decorate them with ribbons and balloons. Set alarms at 12 and all will rang at the same time. The tones will entertain your friends and family and this is how you will welcome the New Year.

These are some unique themes for the New Year party. Follow any one of them to have a fabulous New Year party.

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Decorate the Exterior of your House:

The exterior of your home plays an important role and give the impression of your interior. Decorate the outer walls with lightening and also add multiple photos onto canvas on the walls to give a ravishing look.

This is how you can Decorate your Home on New Year.


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