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Tips to Prevent Condensation and Mould in Your Home

Condensation and mould can make even the nicest of homes look, and smell awful. Mould can also pose a health risk, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can in order to protect yourself from its effect. The best thing to do in most cases, is to ensure that mould never takes hold in the first place, and this can be done by making sure you manage any condensation throughout the house effectively.

Doing so can be slightly tricky however, especially if mould and condensation are new concerns for you. Fear not however, as there are some proven guidelines that you can follow, in order to stop mould taking over your lovely home.


Good Ventilation

The best way to make sure mould causing condensation doesn’t create any problems, is to have a home that is well ventilated. This means ensuring that the windows are kept open at times during the day, as well as being sure that any ventilation fans you have, are functioning properly.

Well Ventilated Cupboards

Cupboard space that is overfilled, will not allow for any moisture to escape. It’s important therefore that you do all that you can to keep cupboards free from an unnecessary clutter that could lead to moisture being trapped, and making it so there’s mould forming in areas you can’t even see

Avoid Drying Clothes Indoors

Though this could be a challenge for some, by avoiding the task of drying clothes indoors, you’ll be able to stop any excess moisture being circulated throughout the house. If you have the chance, invest in a good clothesline to give you the ability to dry your clothes outdoors. If this is not an option though, just take a look at keeping the windows open whenever you do have to dry clothes on the radiator, so you’re still able to do something about the excess moisture that’s being created.

Well Spaced Out Furniture

Furniture that is too close to the walls could lead to mould developing, as moisture struggles to escape outside. This can be especially troublesome, as you don’t often move furniture around, so aren’t likely to see if there are any issues with mould until it’s too late. Keep furniture a good distance from the walls, to stop this from becoming an issue.

Regularly Clean Problem Areas

If you already have issues with mould and condensation, you might have noticed it on the walls throughout your house. The best thing to do here, is to make sure you keep these area well cleaned, so the issue does not become worse than it currently is.

Just Like New

Mould and condensation don’t need to wreck the appearance of your home. With the help of some of the tips just mentioned, you’ll be able to fight something most people often just accept as a fact of life. You’ll need to act quickly though, as it won’t take long for any issues associated with having condensation control problems in your home, to take effect, leading to the growth of mould, that looks terrible, but also poses a health risk to you, and anyone that might happen to live there.


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