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How To Stay Warm This Winter: A Definitive Guide For Cheapskates

Most people in Britain have come to accept that in order to stay warmer during the colder months of the year, the heating is going to have to be turned on. Despite the rising costs of energy bills, people still manage to find the money to cover these increased expenses each year.

But some people refuse to pay such amounts of money to keep their house warm, even if they can afford it, so they will resort to some unconventional means when it comes to keeping themselves warm. So on that note, here is the ultimate cheapskate’s guide to staying warm this winter!

Wear many Layers of Clothing

One way to keep warm without putting any heating on is simply to wear multiple layers of clothes. You might look like a penguin waddling around with 2 jumpers and a wooly cardigan on as well as a tracksuit bottom or longjohns underneath your trousers, but at least you will be roasty toasty!

Aesthetics aside, the only downside to wearing multiple layers of clothing is that it can make moving around somewhat uncomfortable.

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Keep the Curtains Drawn

Another thing you could do is keep all of your curtains drawn at all times. This will keep your rooms warmer because it will block out the cold (especially if you have draughty windows), however, you will not be able to benefit from natural sunlight (and heat) from entering the rooms.

People that visit you will also think you might be a bit of a recluse, or are up to something dodgy in your home!

Live in a Caravan

During the winter months, you could always live in a caravan instead of your home! Doing this means that any heat that you generate will fill up the small space inside of a caravan more than if you had a house with many different rooms and floors, for example.

You could even use a portable 12v/24v heater such as the Eberspacher Airtronic D5 from to save on heating costs when you need a quick burst of hot air!

Eat Copious Amounts of Hot Soup

Unlike many other foods, soup won’t make you gain lots of weight. So when you are feeling cold, heat some soup up in the kitchen. While you are in the kitchen, make sure you close the doors to it and stand near your hob to benefit from the heat being emitted!

Stay at a Warm Public Place

The great thing about going somewhere like a library, for example, is that you can benefit from free heat, light and electricity. So instead of sitting at home getting cold, take yourself to a public building and spend most of your day there!

Put at Least 5 Blankets on your Bed

After a long day at the library, you will no doubt be shattered and want to get a good night’s sleep. But instead of using something like an electric blanket, just pile on a load of woolly blankets on your bed.

You might not be able to move around much in bed because of the sheer weight of your extra blankets, but at least you will be warm!


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