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Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer Fun: The Basics

Although we’re currently in the cold, cruel clutches of winter, it’s nice to have something to look forward to. Yes, we have Christmas and New Year coming up, but then what? That’s right, summer! There’s nothing better than summer walks in the park, summer drinks with friends in the beer garden, and summer sunbathing in the back garden (when we get sun that is). Why not get excited for the summer months by planning and preparing your garden so it’s ready for all of the festivities that will follow? There’s nothing better than a garden party in summer! Here’s the basics so you can get started:

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  • Prune some of your late shrubs once they’ve finished flowering in late spring. Make sure you thin out the older wood to make them look better.
  • Weed your flower beds – it’ll make gardening much easier in summer. Use a hoe to dig out the weeds, but only use a weed killer if the weeds are high in population. Weed killer could affect other plants growing in that area!
  • Consider adding bird and butterfly feeders to your garden to add a dash of lovely colour when they come to feed.
  • Keep water features clean by scrubbing them regularly. Otherwise, mosquitos and other insects can breed and become a problem in summer. Nobody wants to sunbathe and have to bat off the mozzies, flies, and other insects while doing so!
  • Make sure garden beds are thoroughly covered with mulch. Some people think of this as a chore, but it’s very important if you want that lovely summer garden.
  • Rake your garden and get rid of any dead leaves, twigs, and so on regularly.
  • Create a well kept garden with smooth, sleek lines. Use an edger tool to dig troughs along the edge of your garden, like a border. To make sure your lines are straight, use string attached to wood pegs! If you like the look, you can then make it permanent with wood or stone. It looks very professional and eye catching!
  • Solid teak sun loungers and steamers are perfect for sunbathing a relaxing in the garden in summer.
  • Build a compost heap. Compost is the perfect thing to help enrich your soil, but you should get started now so that it’s as rich as possible when it comes to using it.
  • Add some colourful flowers to your garden to create a pretty focal point! Orange tiger lilies are beautiful and perfect for a pretty garden.
  • Plant other summer blooming plants now to have a beautiful garden ready for you the second summer arrives.
  • A garden swing is a wonderful addition to any garden, and especially lovely to use in the summer time. Imagine; swinging gently in the warm sunshine as you sip on a cold beverage. This is the life (or it would be, anyway)!
  • Water features will give a relaxing, tranquil feel to any garden.
  • Add more accessories, like wind chimes to add a little magical sounding tinkle.

Now you can have all the fun in the world in summer, right in your own back garden!



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