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Bedroom Design Tips and Ideas

Are you bored of your bedroom? If it’s been a while since you gave your bedroom some TLC, it could be time to jazz it up with some quirky new ideas. After all, it’s a very important room in the home; one that you sleep in, relax in, and prepare yourself for the day ahead in. If you wake up every morning, take one look at the muddy looking walls or the ripped wallpaper and feel a sense of doom and gloom for the day ahead, it’s definitely time to pull on a set of old clothes and get to work. Here are some bedroom design tips and ideas that will get your day off to a much brighter start:

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Cute Polka Dots

Why not paint a fun design on your bedroom wall, like polka dots? You can use any two colours you like; pink and white work well together, as does orange and purple, green and red, red and white, etc. Choose your two favourite colours and get stenciling in the pattern, then carefully paint in the bigger bits. Accessorize with a colourful bedspread in a clashing pattern and colour.

Bold and Beautiful

Fill your bedroom full of different colours and textures. Choose a couple of different colours that you like best, for example, blue, white and red. Don’t just stick to colours in the same shade though; pick lots of different shades of the same colour to add interest! Then fill the space with interesting accessories and materials that you just have to touch when you walk in.

Subtle But Sophisticated

You might not want a room full of bright colours, and that’s fine. You can still create a ‘bright’, fresh, happy room using neutral colours. Choose dark greys, blacks, whites, and beiges to create a space that’s sophisticated and sexy.

Daring and Dramatic

For a daring, dramatic bedroom that looks very professional, pick a couple of neutral colours and then one bold colour that you like best. For example, if you have a large room, a dark colour like brown will make the space feel much more closed in and intimate. So the walls aren’t too dark, paint a feature wall in a couple of lighter neutral colours, using a pattern that will stand out like zebra stripe, leopard print, or polka dots. Once you’ve done that, accessorise with your chosen bright colour (red works well) in the form of pillows and wall art. You might also want to get a cool new super king size bed and mattress for your bedroom to finish the look.

Paint The Ceiling

Painting the ceiling can have a significant effect on a bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, painting the ceiling the same colours as the walls will create an optical illusion that makes the room instantly appear bigger. However, to add a modern twist to your bedroom you could always try decorating in neutral colours, and then adding and unexpected colour to the ceiling, such as lime green! Add a couple of bed pillows in your ceiling colour to tie it all in.

Feeling inspired? Good, go out and get designing/decorating!



Shane is a professional interior designer. Here he share his experience and also discussion.

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