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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Sofa Bed

From planned visits to an unexpected arrival, overnight guests have the uncanny ability to throw the house into disarray. If you don’t have a spare room, there’s always the problem of where exactly they’re going to sleep; an inflatable mattress is one obvious choice, but these tend to be fairly uncomfortable and often require re-inflating halfway through the night. For really desperate cases, a sofa can always be offered up as a solution, but it’s hardly ideal for the guest or the host. From families with children who enjoy sleepovers, to students who like to invite all their friends back after a night out, choosing a sofa bed as part of the lounge furniture is a great idea and can solve a huge amount of problems.

Choosing a sofa bed can be a tricky process; there are a huge amount of styles to choose from, each with its own particular features. Smaller spaces, such as childrens rooms, will benefit from a compact foam sofa bed – these simply unfold to reveal a basic bed which lies flat on the floor. Ideal for occasional use, these are perfect for sleepovers and can often accommodate two people. Another option for children and teenagers is a sofa bed which has push down armrests; the arms simply fold down to produce one long section to sleep on, although admittedly they’re not the most spacious of beds.


If you’re planning on keeping the sofa bed in the lounge, you have an awful lot of choice when it comes to style; futons are made of a series of wooden planks and when unfolded, offer a bed that is fairly close to the ground – unlike various other sofa beds, these give the user a sense of stability and are unlikely to collapse unexpectedly. A traditional fold-out sofa bed is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain the appearance of a traditional sofa, but with the practicality of a sleeping solution – available in a wide variety of styles, these simply unfold like a concertina to reveal a double bed which then stands on pull-down metal legs.


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