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How to Make Sure Your Kids Stay Safe Around the Garden Pool

If you have a garden pond or pool, it’s vital that children of all ages are kept safe around them at all times. The amount of accidents caused by adults not paying attention and children being unaware of how they should behave when in/near water is unbelievable, so we’re going to teach you how to make sure your kids stay safe around the garden pool – or any pool for that matter!

Keeping Your Kids Safe Around The Garden Pool

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It’s a fact that water is fascinating to children. Not only is it loads of fun, it’s a great way of exercising and keeping fit, however; anybody can drown if they aren’t taking the proper precautions. Even the most skilled supervisor with the most expertise in the world can get distracted for a couple of minutes – and that’s all it takes for fatalities to occur! Three minutes face down in water is all it takes for anybody to drown. A very scary thought!

The majority of accidents happen in garden pools, baths, or ponds, and staggeringly; 39 children aged 15 or under drowned back in 2005. These children were mainly toddlers or extremely young, upsettingly. Children who are older, say aged 6-14, are more likely to have an accident while not at home, like in a river or the sea (but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch them by the garden pool either!).

Drowning happens unbelievably quickly, so if your child happens to wander off; make sure you check all bodies of water in the area before checking anywhere else. Check your own garden pools, your neighbors garden pools, ponds, any rivers, etc.

If your garden pool is a children’s paddling pool, tip the water out every day after the kids have finished playing in it – something as small as this can help to save their lives! You should always be within grabbing distance of your child too, so never leave them unattended by a pool or pond even if you’re at home.

Once a child reaches 5 years old, you can begin to explain the dangers to them as best you can. However, you’ll still need to make sure you are vigilant as you watch them. Always stay within grabbing distance!

Fencing around your pool is a great way to keep the kids at bay, plus, it can even add value to your home and make your pool appear more attractive! Awards fencing sells glass fencing in Perth, which is great for protecting the kids from danger. You should also constantly check the pool area for hazards.

To help keep your kids safe, and anybody else for that matter, make sure you research first aid and resuscitation – like this advert starring Vinnie Jones. You could even take a first aid course to make sure your skills are up to scratch. You really can’t take any chances or shortcuts when it comes to your kids, so make sure you’re prepared to keep them safe by the pool!



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