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Home Lighting and How It Can Change The Mood In Your House

Did you know that the lighting you choose in your home can make a big difference to certain rooms in your home and help to create a specific mood? By choosing a variety of different types of lighting, you can totally transform the atmosphere of any room you want. Here are some ideas for the different rooms in your home:

Lighting For Your Living Room

The main purpose of the living room is to socialise and relax, so you should choose lighting that won’t give you too much glare as your eyes won’t be able to rest. Warm lighting is your best bet; so choose something with a yellow glow rather than a blue glow. If you read, you’ll want to get something called “task lighting” installed near seating, perhaps in the form of a lamp or two. Accent lighting in the living room is great for showing off any unusual ornaments!

Lighting For Your Kitchen

It’s essential that you have bright lighting in the kitchen so that you can cook safely and effectively. However, sometimes this kind of lighting can look harsh, so try to choose low wattage track lights or something similar. If you cook in a specific area, choose higher wattage lighting to light that area so it’s brighter than the rest of the room. Glass cabinets lit on the inside can also give a great effect!

Lighting For Your Dining Room

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A dimmer switch is the perfect lighting accessory for a dining room; you want it bright enough so that you can see what you are eating, but you may also want to dim the lights for a romantic meal. A decorative chandelier can add some interest to a dining room, but there are plenty of funky light shades you can choose from to suit your home decor.

Lighting For Your Bedroom

For the bedroom, a light on either side of the bed means you and your partner won’t have to disturb each other while reading. If you have a small bedroom, mirrors can help to bounce the light around and make your room look much larger than it first appears. If you have a dramatic style bed, you can even use lighting behind it to create another interesting focal point. Choosing different kinds of lighting and light shades in the bedroom like those from ilite is a great way to express your personality, along with all of your other bedroom accessories.

As you can see, the different kinds of lighting you choose can have a great effect on the rooms in your home. Task lighting is perfect for working and cooking, while softer lighting is best for rooms where you’d rather relax. Create a unique look in your home using unique lamps, light shades, and various kinds of lighting, not forgetting that you can also purchase different coloured bulbs to create a specific mood. Want a romantic feel in a certain room? Choose a red bulb or a red light shade! We hope you have lots of fun experimenting with the different kinds of lighting and create the look you desire.



Shane is a professional interior designer. Here he share his experience and also discussion.

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