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A Handy Maintenance Guide for Home Owners

Your home will definitely be the most expensive purchase you’ll make throughout your entire life. You’ve spend years saving for a deposit, experienced the stress of moving, mortgages, conveyancing and making sure you can afford those hefty monthly bills. So once you’re settled in your new home, it doesn’t really make much sense not to look after it.

Houses are a grand investment and when they’re maintained properly, you’ll see your property gain value over the years. There are ways for you, as the homeowner to maintain your property without seeking help and paying through the roof. So if you have cracks in the ceiling, a few leaks or if you’re considering hiring experienced damp proofing contractors in sussex, on anywhere else in the south of England, let’s look at dealing with the problem independently first.


If there are any defects found in the kitchen, bathroom, on the floor, or anywhere else, the value of your property will decrease instantly. It’s imperative to maintain your home from the word go and deal with the problem there and then. If you are in a situation where you want to completely revamp the house for selling, try and give yourself a couple of weeks to complete everything. Perhaps you could spend one weekend repainting, the other patching up cracks or the other sanding hardwood flooring? Take it one step at a time.

Maintaining your property is part of owning a home. One of the best things you can do is stay on top of it in order to cut costs.

So, the majority of homes have wooden floors? Every two weeks make sure you mop the floor. If you were to leave this for several months you may miss slight damp patches starting to appear in the corners of the room, if you act fast, you can eradicate these problems immediately.

Go through and check all of your windows, are they doubled paned? If not, get new windows! This will save an excessive amount of money on heating and air conditioning bills every single month. It will also improve the aesthetics of your home, this is always important when or if you decide to sell your property.

A fresh coat of pain is a wonderful way to make the inside and outside of your house look brand new. It will instantly brighten up your rooms and make them look fresher right away. Neutral colours are always a good buy as they automatically exude a feel of cleanliness.

Remember that it’s better to be consistent, never procrastinate when it comes to cleaning up your home. The garden is one of the main results of procrastination. Not everybody tends to enjoy gardening so it’s one of those areas that remains neglected. For just a half a day you could spend trimming the lawn, rotating the soil and neatening the trees. This will have benefits almost right away as your home looks automatically more appealing. If you’re trying to sell your home, the first thing potential buyers will see is the garden, so you have to get it right!



Shane is a professional interior designer. Here he share his experience and also discussion.

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