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A Guide to Building Your Own House

If you’ve just landed a rather significant inheritance or you’ve been saving for years and now feel like flashing some cash, building your own custom property can be a fantastic way of rewarding yourself and providing safe and secure environment for raising children. Still, there are many different obstacles to overcome before it’s possible to make this dream a reality, and those are what I’ll focus on in the rest of this post. Don’t be put off by any of the things listed below, they’re just part of the challenge.

People decide to build rather than buy for many reasons. Some like to feel the contentment of seeing something they dreamed up becoming a real world structure, others just want enough room for a full sized snooker table (as any enthusiasts will know, no matter how big a room may seem, you nearly always end up knocking the end of your cue against the wall), but they all have one universal similarity; they know how to set goals and keep working until they’re realised.

So, you probably want to know about the type of things you’ll have to deal with, right? Then read on…

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Finding and Obtaining Suitable Land

The very first thing you’ll need to do is locate some adequate land for sale. This needs to be done in the preliminary stages because it will give you a good idea of the amount of room you have to play with when creating your draft designs. For the most part, you should be able to do most of this online using reputable companies, but just be careful to read reviews and perform some research before parting with any of your hard earned cash, as some firms are less honest than others.

Drawing Up The Plans

Now you’ve selected and purchased the most ideal land you could find it’s time to start thinking about creating the plans for your new build. Unless you’ve got a qualification in architecture, it’s probably a good idea to employ the services of a professional to assist you with this, but don’t worry, they’ll listen to all your requirements and do their best to fit them in whilst taking the space, and your budget into consideration.

Purchasing Building Materials

With extra emphasis on buying local nowadays, you should first get in touch with all the construction supply companies in the area to obtain quotes. If their best figures aren’t too far off those you can get online, then I’d advise you to go with them. This is because it will be very handy to have your building supplier close by, in case any unforeseen problems might arise, or you need extra materials.

Employing A Team Of Builders

Up until a few years ago, finding good tradesmen was very difficult due to the lack of reviews available online, but since websites like Rated People have burst onto the scene, it’s easier than ever. Simple spend a couple of days reading testimonials from others who’ve used the tradesmen, and you should have a good idea of whom you should opt for.

If you manage to complete all this without too many hitches or drawbacks, then the rest should be plain sailing. Just remember to ensure you constantly reinforce your budget with any people you employ, as some might see this as an opportunity to get more cash from your wallet.

I wish you the best of luck with building your dream home, see you soon!


Guy Robert Hayenga

Robert is a regular author of Wine Home a home decorating blog. He loves to decorate his own home with sophisticated but simple style. Here he discussed how to decorate, how to clean, how to organize and lastly how to love your sweet home.

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