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7 Secrets to Save on Heating Bills

Now that we are starting to receive cold winter weather here in Britain, everyone’s attention will be focused on wrapping up warm and keeping our homes warm over the next few months.

Sadly for many people, heating their homes has become quite an expensive process, with many opting only to heat their homes when they absolutely have to in order to save money on their heating bills.

A lot of the time, this can be a bad idea, especially for those that are elderly or vulnerable to cold weather conditions. Over 24,000 people die in England and Wales each year from the cold weather and the government is on a mission to tell people to put their heating on.

As you can imagine, there are many people that are trapped between making the decision of putting the heating on and paying high heating bills, or not putting the heating on and facing potentially fatal results.

But did you know that there are ways that you can help to heat your home (and yourself) up without spending a fortune on your heating bills? Here are 7 secrets to show you how:

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1. Don’t Let Heat Escape Through your Fireplace

If you’ve got a fireplace, it’s always nice to use it during the cold winter months. But if you aren’t using it, did you know that heat can easily escape out of it? In order to combat this problem, you should consider buying and using a chimney balloon.

2. Get Your Loft Insulated

As you may know, heat rises and if you don’t have an insulated loft, that heat will just escape from your home, causing you to pay extra pounds on your heating bills. Consider getting your loft insulated to help stop this problem; certain people may be eligible to get free loft insulation too, so it’s worth enquiring about.

3. Install an Energy-Efficient Boiler

Although this is quite an expensive task (new boilers including installation can cost around £3,000 or so), it will help you to save money in the long run because it will be operating as efficiently as possible. Some energy providers offer you the option to pay for a new boiler in instalments, to make it more affordable.

4. Help Keep Your Hot Water Tank Warmer for Longer

If your hot water tank is not wrapped up, then you could be losing as much as 70% of the heat from it. Hot water tank jackets only cost a few quid and are a worthwhile investment.

5. Invest in Triple Glazed Windows

For the ultimate solution in stopping heat from escaping through your windows, you should think about investing in triple glazing. They are 60% more energy efficient than standard double-glazed windows.

6. Stop Heating Unused Rooms

Radiators have controls that enable you to turn down the heat on them, or even turn them off completely. There is no point heating rooms in your home that are not used by anybody!

7. Seal up any Draughty Gaps

Finally, check for any gaps between windows and doors, and seal them if you can feel cold air from outside. You can use draught excluders or expanding foam to tackle these issues.



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