The Home Design Guide to Hardwood Flooring

As so many UK residents are spending the Autumn months re-designing and redecorating their homes in time for the Christmas period (which obviously brings many guests), I thought it might be time for me to write a short article about the most popular flooring option of 2013. Bored with tacky laminates and boring carpets that require intense cleaning every other week, more and more people are reverting back to hardwood floors. Still, they’re not as much hassle as they used to be, you know.

When I mention hardwood to people, I can see it usually brings back memories of what I like to call the “cinderella complex”. Yes, it’s true that in the past hardwood meant hours of scrubbing and cleaning every day, but thanks to modern advancements and manufacturers providing pre-finished solutions, this option has never been cheaper or easier to maintain.

So, take a quick read through the rest of this article and I’ll do my best to fill you in on everything you need to know about this option. Let’s help start a hardwood revival!

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The Pre-finished Products

As I just mentioned, opting to buy a specially pre-finished product from a reputable retailer like Bamboozle could make all the difference. These will come ready to lay with all the sanding and staining already completed. For people who want the coolest floor with the least hassle, this is definitely your best choice.

Other benefits include a more lengthy warranty and much more choice of styles, wood species, and general aesthetic-related elements.

Going With The Grain

In most countries (including the UK) the style of hardwood floors will depend heavily upon the wood species available. Here we tend to see red oak, white oak, white ash, cherry, maple, pecan and hickory – though it’s not impossible to find a more broad choice if you’re willing to spend the cash. Each of these species has it’s own texture and grain, so make sure you have a good feel before deciding which you prefer.

Selecting The Best Colour

Now you’ve spent some time considering different textures and grains, it’s time to steam ahead and look at colour. Generally, we find that lighter woods look more upbeat and casual, whereas darker solutions tend to exhibit a feeling of confidence and formality – which option you choose will depend upon the style of your home. Just remember that we ideally want to have some contrast, so if you’ve already got light coloured furniture, it might be wise to opt with dark floors; if you’ve got dark furniture, the opposite is normally wise.

Well, that’s basically that my friends. Though you obviously could opt for unfinished floors (sometimes they do look cooler), the amount of maintenance you’ll have to perform often makes them too much hassle for most people to handle. That said; if you really want an old-time, rustic aesthetic, then perhaps the unfinished option isn’t such a bad idea after all. I’m just a firm believer we should all spend any free time doing something constructive, not on our hands and knees scrubbing a floor that will only stay clean for a few hours.

Know what I mean?



Shane is a professional interior designer. Here he share his experience and also discussion.

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