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Make your House a Private Fortress with Large Majestic Trees in your Garden

Do you want to make your house and garden more private? Perhaps you’ve got nosy neighbors, or just want to be able to relax more in your garden (hello topless sunbathing); whatever your reasons, by using certain plants, trees and accessories you can turn your house into a private fortress! Read on to find out how:

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Use Raised Beds

Take your favourite plants and grow them in raised beds to magically make them at eye level and make your home and garden appear more secluded. By simply adding an extra couple of feet you’ll make your garden much more private!

Fence it Off

You can choose a good looking fence to hide your garden from the outside world, and then line it with a variety of plants and shrubs to dress it up.

If you only need a small area hiding, you could get creative and use just a few fence panels to do the trick and save money!

Just Choose one Section to Make Private

Think your gardens too big to turn into a private paradise? Simply choose one section or corner and turn that into a private place instead! Use trees to form a kind of “pocket”, and then you can even add water features and hammocks to create an even more relaxed feel.

Consider Lattice

Does fencing off your garden make you feel a little bit claustrophobic? Lattice is pretty and will give your garden a secluded feel without making you feel as if you need to gasp for air. You can then make your lattice look even prettier by adding roses and vines!

Use a Hedge

Don’t fancy a fence or lattice? Use a hedge! You’ll be able to enjoy a totally natural wall of green that perfectly secludes your home.

Use Interesting Materials

You don’t just want your garden to be private, you want it to be pretty too, right? Adding unexpected and interesting materials to your garden can really help to give it the WOW factor. Why not build a fence out of bamboo? You could even use beautiful looking vines to climb up fences and walls. Get creative to make your private, pretty fortress!

Use The Magic of Trees

Sometimes you may just want to block one particular view or area, so it’s best to use one single tree to do the job! Not only will you be blocking the unwanted view, you’ll be creating a lovely talking point for your garden.

If you want to make your whole garden private, use a variety of pretty, mature trees for screening and privacy.

Use Water Features

Privacy isn’t just about what you and other people can see, it’s what you can hear too! To muffle noise, choose a water feature such as a fountain to go in your garden. It’ll give your garden a peaceful vibe, block out noise and create a stunning focal point!

You no longer need to worry about nosy neighbors or peeping Toms with these tips. Have fun turning your garden into a private fortress!


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