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Important Tips When Building Your Own Home

Housing is currently in short supply, and banks are becoming more and more reluctant to lend out the money needed for large mortgages. This is why building your own home could be a viable option! Building a house right from the start, or even redeveloping an existing property, can be cheaper than buying a house conventionally and it also gives you the opportunity to design your dream home. This can be very rewarding, providing you’re ready to put in the hard work needed to get started. Here are some important tips that will help you when building your own home:

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Finding Land For Sale

It can be very difficult to find suitable land for sale where you’ll be able to get planning permission. In some cases, you might want to try and find a derelict building through a normal estate agents, knock it down and build on that site!

Choosing The Right Architect

Choosing the right architect is the most important part of building your dream home. You need to be prepared to devote a considerable amount of time to selecting your architect. To choose the perfect architect:

* Make a shortlist of your top choices and take a look at their previous projects. This will tell you a lot about their style, and help you match up the right team to your project.

* Try to meet with or speak to some of your potential architects previous clients to talk about their experience.

* Find an architect that values budgeting financially, rather than is vague about the price and considers themselves a primary “artist”. Obviously art is a big part of architecture but financial budgeting and a technical/practical knowledge is important too!

Become A Project Manager

As the project manager, you’ll be responsible for making sure the build is in keeping with your timeframe and budget. You should have a well structured plan drawn up before the work starts, and make sure you have proper blueprints and timescales to ensure you’re on target. If you’re an effective project manager, you’ll make sure everything is as on track as it possibly can be to avoid additional costs and hit the completion date.

Be Aware of Regulations

You need to make sure that you stay in line with building regulations, as this could make or literally break a project. You’ll also come across some serious financial difficulties if you don’t! Before you begin, you’ll need to apply for planning permission, which can be stressful. Once you get permission (or should I say IF you get permission) you’ll need to make sure that all work carried out meets the building regulations specified by the local authority.

Making Your Home Future Proof

If you ensure that your home is future proofed with the latest environmental inventions, you can guarantee your home will grow in value over the coming years. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint and spend less on your energy bills! Discuss what can be done with your architect for the best possible outcome.

Building your home can be very hard and stressful, but once you’re on track to completing your project the rewarding feeling you get will be worth it!



Shane is a professional interior designer. Here he share his experience and also discussion.

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