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Design Tips When Choosing Colour Schemes for Your Living Room

The living room is exactly that; a room the whole family lives in. It’s used on a daily basis for things like watching TV, reading, enjoying a catch up with friends, and more. That’s why, when it’s time to decorate your living room, you should choose colour schemes that show off your personality and create a great atmosphere. For example, you could go monochrome if you’re a stylish, modern person who wants their decor to stand the test of time. You could even go for bright colours if you’re always positive and laughing and want your living room to reflect that. The choice is yours! However, there are some design tips you can use that help when choosing colour schemes for your living room. Read on so you can make great choices when it comes to your colour schemes:

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Use Tester Pots

Tester pots are perfect for trying out different colours in your living room. However, try painting them on a piece of paper instead of the wall, that way you can move the paper around and see what the colour looks like in different lights!

Dare To Be Bold

If you’re a little bit scared by the thought of a bright room, ease yourself into it by choosing bright accent pieces like lamps, vases, candles, figurines, rugs, pillows, and so on.

Letting Light In

If your living room is lacking in natural light, dark reds, browns, and other dark colours aren’t going to do you any favours. Choose light colours, for example; beiges, whites, creams, light pastels, and light grey. The light neutral colours will help the room to feel more airy, spacious and light. However, if you have a room that has a lot of natural light, you can easily get away with any dark colours that take your fancy!

Take Furnishings Into Account

If you already have carpets, furniture, and curtains that must factor into your colour scheme, think about them first and use them as a starting point. Choose colours that will either contrast or complement your existing furnishing and fittings. However, if you’re starting from the beginning you can feel free to go crazy! Take a look at Hunters Furniture for some elegant pieces that will make your room look gorgeous.

Use The Colour Wheel

The colour wheel is a great tool when trying to decide if a colour is suitable or not. Complementary colours are opposite to one another on the colour wheel, and the great thing about choosing colours this way is that they will look more vibrant and intense. However, don’t feel as if you must use these colours in their brightest form, as softer colours will make a more subtle statement.

Don’t Use Just One Colour

Using just one colour in a room and drowning the place in it is a very bad idea. Mix different tones, shades, and add colours that you wouldn’t normally expect to see in the form of accents. Shake up your scheme to make your living room the best it can be!

Now you can choose the perfect colours for your living room with minimal effort!


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