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Using Pinterest To Give Your Home Some Eco-Chic

Pinterest is one of the hottest websites on the internet. It seems everywhere you turn, someone is talking about their obsession with this incredibly addicting website. Most people associate Pinterest boards with recipes, travel or clothes but there is much more than meets the eye to this social haven. If you are interested in spicing up your home – whether it be through a eco-chic remodeling project or some cool crafts – pinterest has a host of how-to tutorials for the ambitious do it yourselfer. There are many interesting options anyone’s tastes, one just has to know where to look.

The Basics


The key to successfully navigating the labyrinth that is Pinterest is to find the right boards to follow that catch your interests. While there are hundreds, or even thousands of boards for just about every possible subject – some are better than others. Follow people who have interests in your desired areas, and then check to see who they follow for even more ideas. You can never follow enough.

Utilize the Search Feature

The search bar is one of your best friends when it comes to discovering unknown boards on Pinterest. Adding DIY (do it yourself) to any search query will often take you to boards with tutorials on how to make (or do) whatever you are asking.

Keep it Orderly

Remember to keep things organized by making your own boards or all of those great ideas you discovered will get buried and lost. That way you can keep track of all your potential projects by dividing them into certain easy to follow boards. Have one board for crafts, DIY home projects, eco-chic etc…

Some Helpful Boards to Get Started


Here are a few pages to follow which should get you started while you are learning the ropes of Pinterest. These are some great suggestions if improving your home is on the agenda. Check out the board Eco-Friendly DIY ran by cereplast. This board is full of innovative little projects like taking old crates and turning them into stylish planters for your household plants – among many others – all of which you can do from your home that are both eco-friendly and give your home a sense of eco-chic which is all the buzz these days.

Another useful board, DIY Handmade Crafts is choc full of cool options. Many pins here on this board turn normal household items into cool accessories and crafts which can give your home an entirely new personality. Want to learn how to make fabric flowers or homemade personalized coasters? If so, check this board out.

If being environmentally conscious is your goal without sacrificing any sense of style, check out the Eco-chic design page and follow any (or all) of their boards and enjoy the dozens of crafts and fashion projects listed here.

Lastly, DIY Home Tips and Tricks has some 240 pins which are sure to keep any do it yourselfer occupied for weeks. Some of my favorite options are the eco-friendly home based cleaning solutions which can replace the nasty chemicals most of us currently use. Most environmental data resources agree that homemade cleaning products are far less dangerous (and cheaper to boot). Pages like these can save you money and lessen your ecological footprint at the same time.

Pinterest is taking over as one of the primary sources of inspiration for trying new things in our lives. Understanding the simple concept of Pinterest can lead you to many easy to follow DIY tutorials and craft projects that are sure to liven up your home. What are you waiting for? Go and get pinning today. Make sure and share any great boards that you’ve found with us in the comments below.


Sasha Williamson

Sasha Williamson is a freelance writer interested in green and home-improvement topics. Sasha is currently writing on behalf of EDRnet. They are offering a variety of services, such as environmental data resources. When she is not working she likes to travel and do yoga.

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