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How To Negate The Impacts Of Home Decor Blunders

It is very natural to make mistakes while designing and decorating a home. Even expert designers make mistakes, overspend and have regrets later on. However, the difference between us and the top designers is their natural and uncanny ability to “make those mistakes work”. It is quite relieving to know that no matter how severe your decorating mistakes are, you are not alone and there are plenty of thing you can do to rectify those mistakes.

Some Common Solutions:


Following lines explain some creative ideas to convert something woeful into something fabulous and attractive.

  • Move Things Around

You have bought something for your drawing room but when you get home you find that it is way too bold or dull for the room. However, you should not lose hope and try to check the piece in some other room instead of discarding it altogether. If you like the piece, it might get fit in some other place of your home and spice it up perfectly.

  • Bold Walls with a College of Pictures

If your interior color is bolder than your likings, you can cancel the effect by putting a gallery of pictures on the wall to soften things up. As a fact of matter, the color that appears too bright at its own can be converted into a sensational beautiful backdrop for displaying priceless family treasures such as family photos on canvas.

  • Add More White Space

If a lot of patterns and colors are dancing collectively in one room, it will always be helpful to add some simplicity to allow more precious and exciting piece some breathing space. In this regard, you can go for white, grey or beige upholstery or slip covers as well as natural fiber rugs in addition with matchstick blinds.

  • Embellish with Paint


If you want to completely change the appearance of a piece of wood furniture or anything else, it is a good idea to change the finish, color or even hardware that does not demand much extra investment. It will also help you to stamp your taste on your home by customizing and altering your find.

  • Experiment with Rugs

Make a slight tweaking to your floor whether it is tiling, installing new carpets or getting the doors painted as it makes everything else look different as well. However, you might find that the old rug is not compatible with renovated looks but instead of buying a new one you can go bare for a welcome change as bare floors can be extremely beautiful and cool as well.

  • Layer of Glaze Colors on Walls

If you have the impression that the color of your interior is not quite up to the expectations, you can do many things to customize it up in your favor. For instance, you can try to paint a gaze over the wall; can also visit the nearby store and ask for a tint mixed with your color and white. Top designers use this trick often to customize the looks because several shades of a color impart a more natural richer look to the house.


If you happen to get a home decoration that turns out to be rather dull for you, you need not to remorse. Instead, be creative and make some subtle changes to various things to make those mistakes work in favor of you.


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