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Celebrating Birthdays At Your Own Home

Decorating homes on special occasions is very important, since it is necessary for home to appear attractive while celebrating the occasion. On the birthdays of children, parents especially mothers usually decorate homes with lots of balloons and all the other related stuff. However, in case of birthdays of elder people the way of decoration is very different. Infect, at times decoration does not even exist, and only food is served along with a cake cutting ceremony. In this article, my prime focus is on decorating homes when birthday of an elder family member is being celebrated.



Firstly, balloons of different colors (both bright and dark) should exist and on the balloons, it should be mentioned that which birthday it is for example 30th or 40th birthday etc.

Wall Decorations

On some parts, of the wall it should be mentioned that whose birthday it is.

Put Photographs

Some major photographs of the birthday man or birthday woman should exist on some parts of the wall especially the childhood pictures. It is always better to put different photos onto canvas of the individual’s life and put them on wall, which would depict the life of the individual and his precious times.

Put Messages


Apart from all these necessary decorations, all the family members and friends should write their messages for the birthday individual on large chart papers of different colours and they should be put them on the wall, which should reflect the feelings of affection and respect which all the family members as well as the friends have for the birthday individual.

Play Good Music

Music is extremely necessary, so it should be played all the time. It would be appreciable to play that sort of music, which is mostly enjoyed by the birthday individual during his luxury time. In addition, it should not be played in an extreme loud voice which would simply create a negative impact on the atmosphere of party except for the when everyone is in mood to dance. If very old family members are also present on such kind of occasion than playing rock music and especially heavy metal should be avoided. In simple words, that kind of music should be played which is southing to the souls of everyone, whether children, teenage or elder family members.


While making all the necessary arrangements at home, one should be keeping the fact in mind that such kinds of occasions only come once a year and therefore they should be celebrated with high spirit and enthusiasm. Various sorts of games should be arranged for all the family members for creating an enjoyable atmosphere such as musical chairs, pass the pillow and many other and it should be considered necessary. Many people take such kind of fun related activities on casual grounds but they are to be taken seriously since it creates an atmosphere of fun and it refreshes the souls of all the family members, especially the elder members who remain busy five days a week working in their respective professions outside homes.


A birthday of an individual is celebrated only once a year. Making necessary arrangements in order to celebrate this special occasion is the prime responsibility of all the family members and friends. Therefore, it is always important to make those arrangements, which do not only have the sole purpose of celebrating the occasion through fun but also for making the birthday individual realize that how much value he/she holds in the hearts of everyone.


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