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When To Know Not To DIY For Fixing The Home Appliances

There are many cases where doing a bit of DIY can be useful: fixing shelves, gluing back the leg of a chair, and making basic fixes to wallpaper and leaks can all be achieved without creating the risk of significant damage to your home. However, there are many instances where you should leave repairs to a professional; this is particularly so for any electrical work, which should almost always be completed by a qualified professional electrician.


There are some electrical jobs that you can do yourself, but only with experience and the right tools; this can include adding a new socket, fitting a new security light, or replacing like for like light fittings. When making these minor changes, make sure that you invest in high quality equipment from suppliers like discount electrical. For more significant jobs like re-wiring and fixing appliances, it’s best to use a qualified electrician.

It’s particularly important to work with an electrician if you need to carry out any electrical work in your bathroom. The area of your home where you’re most likely to suffer an electric shock due to the presence of water, the bathroom should be secured by an electrician during repairs to make sure there isn’t a risk of injury. You should also ensure that you hire an electrician if you need to adjust the wiring for large appliances like microwaves and televisions.


When dealing with appliances, it’s crucial to not try to make any repairs yourself if you don’t know what parts need to be serviced; you can also cause yourself an injury by trying to make changes without properly disconnecting appliances from their power source. Qualified electricians can test the voltage of your appliances, and can safely repair or decide whether they need to be completely replaced.

For jobs that involve re-wiring and inspecting the overall electrical set up for your home, qualified electricians will be able to produce safety certificates and fixes without putting you in danger. Attempting to re-wire your home will likely cause both health risks and the potential to invalidate your buildings insurance. You may also end up blowing fuses and ruining expensive equipment.


In this context, carrying out work on your electrical appliances and wiring isn’t a good idea, even if you are confident in what you’re doing. Clipping the wrong wires, or over-loading sockets, can end up producing mistakes that cost you more money further down the line in repairs. You’re also putting yourself, house-mates, and family members at risk by attempting to change your electrical setup without using a professional service. Make sure, then, that you consult with different electricians to get a good quote on any repair work, and ask for an electrical safety equipment after work is completed.


Maria Safel

Maria Safel is a writer who covers DIY and home decoration. For more information on electrical products, she recommends visiting discount electrical. She also suggests consulting with professionals before carrying out any major work on your home.

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