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Making The Bed: Cheap And Easy Bedroom Decor

Every single day repeating the same task can bore us and get annoying and such happens with making the bed every single morning. Mornings are lazy and we are mostly always in a hurry to get to work on time thus not much importance is paid to the ruffled sheets. Though this task is small it can create a huge impact on your room. Any bedroom decor such as gorgeous vases or canvas art will not have any value if the main centre of the room is not net, which is your bed. It’s quite unbelievable but an organized bed can really lift up the look of your room especially if done uniquely. You can focus on different styles each day so a new look gives a fresh outlook and will also keep you from getting bored.

Simple Technique


For simple bed making technique just lay down the sheet over the mattress, tuck in the sides or leave them hanging and smooth down any creases. Tucking them in means the sheet won’t be able to move about freely as you sleep. Next either uses a bed spread or quilt and spread it over the bed right till the top or folding midway so the sheet shows. Lastly the pillows must be placed and you are done as easy as that!



Pillows are nothing uncommon and each double bed must always possess two pillows, even if a single person sleeps on it, while a single bed must contain at least one pillow, even if it’s not used, it adds to the decor. Apart from sleeping pillows shams are used which are pillows for decorative purposes and styled with the sleeping pillows. Euro shams are large square pillows while standard shams are rectangular. Place the sleeping pillow first followed by the standard sham and next by the Euro sham, shams always show making your bed appear comfy and it’s advised to cover them with bright and silky covers. Further a few decorative pillows can be used to be placed at the front such as in different shapes or textures such as fur. Of course do not go overboard making it a nuisance to make the bed every day and be difficult to sleep upon.

Bed Scarf


Bed Scarves are a latest bed linen accessory which falls like a strip at the end of your bed. They look like table runners and come in different patterns and colours. A contrasting pattern should be chosen to go with the bedding, if your sheets are plain use a printed scarf while if the sheets are printed use a plain silky bed scarf or one that is self printed. These can also be matched with the rest of the room decor such as a bright scarf to go with bright curtains or a floral one to match with the split canvas prints on a wall.


Bob Waugh

Bob Waugh is an interior decorator specialising in stretched canvas prints and canvas art for wall decor, he writes tips and tricks for decor trends.

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