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Modern Room Ideas That Would Make Ikea Jealous

It is easier than ever to modernize and update a tired or outdated room in your home. There are sites like Pinterest that have began a revolution for those who want DIY methods to dress up their home while not spending a ton of money. Many of these updates can be done to improve on the items that you already have and will cost little more than a can of paint, which is definitely good news if your budget is not open to the idea of new furniture.

In The Kitchen


The kitchen is often noted as the most expensive room in the house to makeover. This reputation is not unfounded as the cost of cabinetry alone can be very costly. Here are some ideas to make over your kitchen in a more cost effective, but no less chic way.


Kitchen cabinetry is not as hard to make over as you may think. It can be painted or you can change the doors on the cabinets to give them a more updated look. Some people choose to remove the doors altogether and create a more open concept style kitchen with the innards of their cupboards exposed. If you happen to like your cupboards but think they need a little something more, try antiquing them. You can buy the top coat which you simply paint on and then wipe off. This leaves it only in areas and corners that will add an antique look to the cabinets.


Counters are another easy fix, and also another one of the areas that is very costly to replace. If your countertops are looking worn or the color isn’t pleasing anymore, consider painting them. Yes, painting them. Melamine paint finished with a clear coat will offer longevity and can be obtained in many different colors. You could also use a technique to create a faux marble or granite look.

In The Bedrooms


The bedroom is an easy place to dress up. Something as simple as changing the bedspread can bring in color and change the whole feel of the room. If you are looking for a little more though, paint the furniture. Wood furniture can be stripped and refinished and laminate furniture can be primed and painted as well. Consider adding some wall is that brings in all the colors in your rooms palette.

In The Living Room


The living room or den is another room that can be as easy to update or as hard as you would like. Sometimes just changing the setup of the room and the small decorative items that are in the room is enough to make it really wow people. However if you are looking for something more, you may want to try recovering a piece of furniture. A chair can be easily recovered with nothing more than some chic fabric and a staple gun. Couches are even easier as slipcovers can be purchased at most home stores.

Bringing your home up to date and current is easy. Paint and fabric will become your new best friends for sure. When you set to work, don’t forget to consider the décor elements such as small decorative pieces, curtains, and the hardware on furniture. Sometimes changing these small elements are enough to really turn your room from flop to fabulous.


Ashley Williamson

This is a guest post by Ashley Williamson, a freelance writer, who’s deeply interested in the newest interior design trends, wall graphics, and decor ideas and happy to share her knowledge on various blogs.

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