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Learn Attractive Ways To Cheaply Decor Your Living Room

We all want our houses to be comfortable and attractive and therefore we create the market for numerous interior magazines and websites out there. What you need to know is creating a great decor as good as in those magazines does not have to cost a lot or money or a professional interior decorator, it can also be achieved on a budget. Living rooms are one the most used and meant to be the cosiest place in the house, providing a good decor is essential and it here is how to do it cheaply

Showcase a Collection


If you are a collector for any item which can be common such as books, movies, magazines, canvas photo prints and shells or completely bizarre such as guns, swords, globes or wall clocks etc. the living room is the perfect place to display it. Any collection if arranged well will look great and add visual interest, so you don’t need to worry about what it is. If the items vary in height or shape they can add depth; your collection can be displayed on a shelf or nailed on the wall, since you already have it there is no need to spend a lot of money in purchasing new decorative items. If you have stamps or coins simply create a collage or get it frame, think creatively.

Add Fresh Flowers or Plants


There is nothing cheaper or better then fresh flowers that can add colour and splendour to your decor. A simple vase in the living room with a bunch of daisy’s, roses, daffodils or whatever you prefer will always create a high end effect. The best think about a potted plant is that it can last a long time and it brings about continuous freshness to your decor, moreover it also goes along with any coloured room. You can even plant an herb garden on a window sill which will help with your cooking. Another way flower and plants can add to your decor is through print, floral wall paper or canvas pictures can make any boring wall an easy focal point.

Create a Mix of Textures


Using a single material for every item in your decor will lead to a boring outlook, to add attractiveness you need to include a variety of materials and textures. If your chairs are wooden keep your couches soft and upholstered, if the couches are leather keep your pillows soft and velvety. Further curtains and rugs are perfect ways to add textured statement pieces while throws, floor cushions and wall hangings simply add to the mix textured look.


Serven Wilson

Serven Wilson writes articles for easy and simple decor ideas; he works for a photos on canvas cheap company and is a famous interior decorator.

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