How To Create A Trendy Home Using Glass Tiles

When it comes to decorating your rooms with tiles, no other tiles can offer the versatility of glass tiles. You can find glass tiles with varying textures and appearances to create the most vibrant look to your room. You can get affordable factory glass tiles or you can go for costly tiles which are custom made. You can also mix them to create new combinations and designs in your room. To accentuate the look you can even use the glass borders. Another advantage of using glass tiles is that you can combine it with a variety of materials like woods, metals, stone and textile to create the best interior designs for your home.

How To Use Glass Tiles?


Apart from using the glass tiles to cover the walls of your room, you can create many functional works using your imagination.

  • You can use glass tiles to go with your glass sinks or glass tiles which match with your chandeliers to create a dramatic effect in the room.
  • You can use it near the fountain areas and reflected light from theses glass tiles will give a mesmerizing effect to the area.

No other tile material will be able to provide such versatility in designs. You can use these tiles in kitchen, bathroom or even in outdoor areas.

Finding The Right Options


If you want to give the most creative look to your home you should find the right glass tiles for your home. The best option to find these types of tiles is the online dealers of tiles. Major tile dealers like Wholesalers USA will have a huge collection of glass tiles. You can go through the portfolio of these dealers to find the right type of tiles for decorating your home. The benefit of selecting tiles from online dealers is that you can get the tiles at a lower rate. Moreover you will be able to get the right adhesives or grout for installing the tiles from these tile dealers itself.

New Design And Styles


In recent years the design and style of glass tiles have improved considerably. Once you use the glass tiles to decorate your home you do not have to worry about your walls for a long time as they are really durable. There are no chances of the tiles getting stained as they are resistant to moisture. What you have to do is to properly install the tile and clean it regularly to keep the shine.

Latest Tiles Available


The latest glass tiles available include the 3D tiles, progressions, constellation, expressions, golden blends, clear glass tiles and many more. You can get a rainbow of colors from good dealers. You can use the glass tile borders which match with the tiles to give the finishing touch to the tiled area in your home. If you want to get more information about the varieties and designs of latest glass tiles available you can visit the website at


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